Sherry Sahlstrom was our agent for selling a townhome in Sixty-01 Village, in Redmond, WA. Nothing had been selling in Sixty-01 from many, many months and the offer prices were down around $135-140,000. Sherry came out and took excellent pictures of the surrounding area of the condo and the inside layout, making sure our unit was depicted at its full potential. After doing much research we agreed to list our condo at $249,000. By the end of the day we listed we had 5 offers from $249,995 to $275,000. Sherry sat down with us and we analyzed the offers and we were encouraged to take an offer at $269,000 that offered 20% down. Sherry then had to get it past the loan people as no unit in the complex had ever sold for as much as Sherry got us for ours!

It didn’t end there: we then needed a home in the Edmonds area. We found the perfect home and, after the seller found and corrected a great number of serious issues, we purchased the home. We had no double payments and we secured an excellent loan rate, with Sherry’s help.

Thank you Sherry!