Back in 2003, our growing family went house shopping. We met Sherry Sahlstrom at an open house she was representing. At the time, our toddler and preschooler were snacking on cookies that they brought in. Soon enough, they were sitting on a couch sharing with Sherry, while we talked about our possibilities of buying a new home.

About a year later, we were ready to sell our home in order to buy a brand new house in a great new location. We kept Sherry’s information because she was only agent who did not pressure us while we shopped around. Sherry prepared our old house by telling us what we needed to do to get it ready for the market. When our old house went on the market, it looked amazing. Sherry staged the house in such a way that it looked so inviting. In less than a week, we sold our old house, and were able to put a down payment on our new house. Sherry handled both the selling and buying for us. As you can see, Sherry is “kid” friendly, a great listener, and patient. Also, Sherry is very talented in the real estate business. Since then Sherry treats us like a member of her own family, we’ve gotten together with Sherry and her family at picnics and other special events she threw for her clients to say “Thank you for your business”. In the near future we hope to use Sherry’s talents again. When anyone we know of is looking for a real estate agent; immediately, we mention Sherry Sahlstrom with RE/MAX Eastside Brokers, Inc.