My name is Ben and working for a large software company, I have extremely limited time available outside of work; so, when I decided to buy a condo, I wanted to ensure that I was selecting a REALTOR who had lot of biz experience and who could drive most of the search and purchase process by herself.

A year after the purchase of my condo, I can tell you that I couldn’t have made a better choice on the REALTOR:

  • The search was fast: Sherry understood my needs and would only pre-select places that really matched my requirements.
  • The inspection was well monitored: Sherry warned me on all the potential pitfalls to look for.
  • The purchase process was very smooth: Sherry managed all discussions with the seller and gave me great tips for discussions with mortgage company as well as with escrow.

Overall, Sherry was very professional which helped this purchase to be fast and smooth…. In one word, I am delighted with expertise she provides.